Bengal breed

Bengal are spectacular cats with wild look but nice pet comportement. This is a very impressive cat by her aspect.

A breed create by hybridation

Bengal breed was create by hybridation between domestic cats and Asian Leopard Cats (ALC) , a little wild cat. ALC is a little arboreal cat living in Asia. he with huge noctural eyes, white tummy and a rosetted or spotted pattern.

Lot of patterns ...

There are two patterns for Bengal : Marble and Spotted/Rosetted. Marble Bengals have marbling pattern. Goal is to be close to Clouded Leopard pattern. Spotted/Rosetted pattern is the most current. Spotted Bengal have solid color spots. Rosetted Bengal have two colored rosettes. There are lot of sort of Rosettes :



Arrow Head Rosettes

Paw print Rosettes

Donuts Rosettes

... and colors

This patterns can be find in lots of colors. There are 3 basic colors : Brow, Snow (Lynx, Mink, Sepia) and Silver. This colors can also be diluated, solid, charcoal and double Apb.




A perfect pet

Bengal is a wild look cat with nice pet behaviour. It's a close to man breed, very dynamic, playful and talkative. From his ALC ancestors, he keep taste for climbing and to play in water.

Bengal health and care

Bengal cat's health is generally strong. Life expectancy is around 13 years. Like all other cats breed, there are specific disease and there healt test to do before breeding.

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