Our Bengal kittens available

Our breeding cats are hight quality and healthy nice pet.
All our kittens are sold LOOF or/and Tica registred, vaccinated, microshiped and dewarmed.
All our breeding cats are PRA-b, PK-Def, HCM and PKD tested.
For more informations, contact us. Pour voir nos adultes disponibles, cliquez ici

Thunderstorm - Available -

- Female
- Birth date 17th march 2022
- Snow Mink
- - Pet : 2 000 euros / Breeding : Contact us

Amazing wild type with huge noctural eyes, rounded ears, large nose and excellent profile.

Tinkerbell - Available -

- Female
- Birth date 17th march 2022
- Brown
- cs or cb carrier
- Pet : 1 200 euros / Breeding : Contact us

Amazing wild type with huge noctural eyes, rounded ears, large nose and correct profile. She have a good pattern with no vertical bars and broken backline.

Tropical Dream - Available -

- Male
- Birth date 21th April 2022
- Brown spotted tabby
- cs carrier
- Pet : 1 200 euros

Available The perfect mix between type, contrast and rosettes. A heart broken kitten that we can't keep at the cattery beacause we have already several males.

Sold or reserved kittens

- Expected maiting for 2022 -
Bengal kitten Brown from Pardus Dei cattery

Kitten pick age :
Kitten can't leave cattery around 4 months. We choose better moment for kitten developement.

Shipping :
Shipping worldwild is possible on demand (price of kitten is without shipping).

Reservation :
We ask a kitten 1/3 price deposit. Kittens are offered in first at waiting list.

Payment :
Kitten must be totaly paid before cattery leaving.

Health guarantees :
Kitten is garantee against panleucopenia, PIF, FeLV and FIV according to French law (loi du 22 Juin 1989 sur les vices rédhibitoires).

Breeding kittens:
Breeding quality kittens can be offered not desexed at breeders or futur breeders with a serious project.

Breeding guarantees :
We offer for breeding kittens a fertility garantee* and a HCM garantee of 18 months*.

Mediator : Mediavet - 7, rue Saint Jean - 31130 Balma - Tel : +33682396962 - Email : contact@mediavet.net - Site : http://www.mediavet.net/contact/

*Contact us to know terms.

Our prices

Prices depend of color and kitten quality. Price is fixed at the end of evaluation period.
Pet quality kittens : 1 500 to 2 000 euros
Breeding quality kittens : 3 000 euros

Our prices are due to hight expenses for our cattery and lot of time spend with our cats.

High quality breeding cats 

Our breeding cats are selected for type, origines and comportement. We import cats from worldwild better lines.

Healthy breeding cats 

All our breedinf cats are tested for :
PRA-b and PK-Def (genetic test or by parentage)
PKD and HCM (Ultrasound)

At arrival in your cattery, all our breeding cats are tested for :
Virus (FIV, FeLV, calicivirus, Chlamydias)
Worm (Giardias, Tritrichomonas foetus, Cryptosporidium)

Guaranties of a professionnal 

Our cattery is registred in France, we have breeding license and we are LOOF and Tica registered. All our kittens are LOOF or/and Tica registered.