Mio Dollar Baby
Absolutely Wild

Absolutely Wild is a Brown female with a very wild type. She has a nice profile and chin, big eyes and good ears. Her body is long and powerfull with a short tail. She has handsome Arrow Head rosettes, broken spinal line, spotted legs and whited belly. She comes from European wild type lines.

Breeder : Mio Dollar Baby cattery
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Color : Brown tabby rosetted
Microship : 191035000085672
Country : Croatian import
LOOF : In progress
Genotype : A/A C/C D/D i/i (not carry recessive color)
Pattern genotype : TaM/TaM (not marble carrier)

Health tests

PRA-b : N/N (clear)
PK-Def : N/N (clear)
HCM : Clear (2021)
PKD : Clear (2021)
FIV/FeLV : Negative

ALC ancestors

Generation : F8
F8 - Elias
F9 - Taro
F10 - Baghara, Zarboo, Kabuki
F11 - Rajah
F13 - Centerwall, Bonzai, Kibuki, Leapole, Art Deco F15 - Phantom F16 - Stoney

- Parents -

Mother : Mio Dollar Baby Accapella

Father : Mio Dollar Baby TGC Atta

- Documents -
- Pedigree -

Mother: Mio Dollar Baby Accapella

Father: Mio Dollar Baby TGC Atta

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