Osiris Bengal

Rasoherina is a brown female with big rosettes and a good flow. Her ears are small and very nice. She has a good profile and an excellent chin. She comes from European lines.

Breeder : Osiris Bengal cattery
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Color : Brown tabby rosetted
Microship : 250269590139954
LOOF : 2020.24115
Genotype : A/Apb C/C D/D i/i (Apb carrier)
Pattern grnotype : TaM/TaM (not marble carrier)

Health tests

PRA-b : N/N (Clear)
PK-Def : N/N (Clear)
HCM : Clear (2021)
PKD : Clear (2021)
FIV/FeLV : Negative

ALC ancestors

Generation : F13
F13 - Art Deco, Kabuki, Leapole
F14 - Baghara, Centerwall, Bonzai
F16 - Stoney, Phantom
F18 - Kibuki

- Parents -

Mother : Benvoyagee Daenerys

Father : Viola Alba Parnas

- Documents -
- Pedigree -

Mother: Benvoyagee Daenerys

Father: Viola Alba Parnas

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