Saphirs de Lune

Révélation is our Silver rosetted female. She has an amazing profile and chin. Her eyes are very big and round and she has rounded ears. She comes from line with lots of champions.
Breeder: Saphirs de Lune cattery
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Color : Black Silver Tabby
Microship : 250268743417277
LOOF : 2020.33048
Genotype : A/A C/C D/D I/i (not carrier of recessive color)
Pattern genotype: TaM/TaM (not marble carrier)

Health tests

PRA-b : N/N (clear)
PK-Def : N/N (clear)
HCM : Clear (2021)
PKD : Clear (2021)
FIV/FeLV : Negative

ALC ancestors

Generation : F8
F8 - Taro
F12 - Baghara, Kabuki
F13 - Art Deco,Centerwall,Phantom
F14 - Bonzai
F17 - Stoney

- Parents -

Mother :Saphirs de Lune Messaline

Father : Saphirs de Lune Holmes

- Documents -
- Pedigree -

Mother: Saphirs de Lune Messaline

Father: Wch Saphirs de Lune Holmes

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