Pardus Dei
So Wild

So Wild is our Brown spotted keeper female. Sha have a very wild type with really nice Arrow Head rosettes everywhere in her body. She have excellent chin, big noctural eyes with low palcement and shaped ears. Her muzzle is very large. She present whited belly and we hope she keep it.

Breeder : Pardus Dei cattery
Bengal Data page : Soon


Color : Brown Spotted
Microship : 250269590611280
LOOF : LOOF 2021.59056
Genotype by parentage : A/A D/D i/i
Genotype by test : C/cb (Seal Sepia carrier)
Pattern genotype : TaM/TaM (not marble carrier)

Health test

PRA-b : N/N (by parentage)
PK-Def : N/N (by parentage)
HCM : Soon
PKD : Soon

ALC ancestors

Generation : G9
G9 - Elias
G10 - Phantom, Taro, Kabuki
G11 - Rajah Singh, Baghara, Zarboo
G13 - Centerwall
G14 - Baghara, Art Deco, Kibuki, Bonzai, Leapole
G16 - Bonzai
G17 - Stoney

- Documents -
- Ancestors -

Mother: Mio Dollar Baby Absolutely Wild

Father: Prince of Desert des Griffes de feu

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