Pardus Dei Bengal cattery

Cattery is located in France (Ardèche). High quality Bengals used for our breeding program. They are choosen for their excellent and healthy lines.
We export worlwide. Pardus Dei cats are present in several continents.

Chat Bengal Brown de la chatterie Pardus Dei

An excellent pet ...

Our goal is to produce good pets. Our breeding cats are playfull, dynamics and friendly with us.

Kittens are breed in adapted environement to be socialized cats. Nursery is next to our living room. Kittens can leave their mother before around 4 months to complete their developement.

... with a wild type

Our breeding program is focus on research of wild traits. We want to offer hight quality kittens that seems to be wild animal but are pets.
We don't breed only for rosettes, but we search a great type. Some of our produced kittens :

Our health selection

Health is a priority for us. We try to not use breeding cat with health issues or that transmit health disease. We are concerned by genetic variability, so we choose cats from worldwild lines.

Genetic test

All our breeding cats are tested at UC Davis for :


Health test

All our breeding cats are tested by ultrasound for :


Live at the cattery

Our cattery is build to offer to our cats healthy, nice and stimulating environement.
Our adult cats have individual (12m²) or collective outdoor space (24m²) for 2 or 3 cats. All are partially covered and let access to heated shelter.

Kittens birth in nusery, in our house and have regular access to our living room. Thus we can offer well socialized kittens and respect french breeding laws.
Our kitten are regur in contact with our pets and strangers humans.
We invest money regularly to improve quality of life to our cats.

All our cats have a raw and prey model diet. We choose this diet that is for us the most adapted to her nature and needed.

Do you search luxury pets or breeding quality Bengal?
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